Month: December 2020

Thanksgiving Activities to be Grateful for This Holiday

The Thanksgiving holiday can be filled with shopping trips to the grocery stores, time preparing and making your delicious turkey dinner and entertaining family. At CCSN, we understand this time may also be extra challenging for children with special needs. Our Mentors are here to provide your child(ren) with individualized care. We offer respite care

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Does Your Child Need a Sensory Diet?

Some children need what is called a “sensory diet”. This is a program of structured, sensory activities kids need to do to ensure they are getting the sensations we need to stimulate our senses. Picture the 5 classic senses, sight, touch, smell, taste, and hearing. For those littles who have sensory processing issues, they can

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Caring Mentors

At CCSN, our staff work with children and their families to improve their lives on a daily basis. Mentors work through group or individual respite to teach kids new skills and techniques to create healthy, positive behaviors. As part of the CCSN Difference, we use Evidence Based Programs (EBPs) to help educate and enhance a

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Benefits of a Token Economy

A token economy is like currency for children. A token economy is a system of reinforcement where “tokens” such as stickers or other items are given for displaying positive behavior(s). When a child earns a certain number of tokens, they can trade these for rewards such as toys, treats or preferred activities. Our Mentors work

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Keeping Our Children Safe

Today’s world can be dangerous for our children to navigate through and as parents, part of your job is to prepare and keep them safe from harm. We want to help you be certain that your kids feel safe, ask questions, trust their feelings, and grow in a variety of ways and settings. We want

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Learn How to Replace Problem Behaviors

Does your child demonstrate disruptive behaviors or find following directions or asking for help challenging? Problem behaviors might be aggression, destructive behavior, self-injury, or tantrums. We can help your child reduce or eliminate problem behaviors by teaching replacement behaviors. Our Mentors work with kids up to the age of 18 and focus on teaching children

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Low Cost Gift Giving Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays season can be tough if you are on a tight budget. For families who feel the financial hardships of COVID-19 hitting their wallets this year, it can make gift giving feel like almost an impossibility. While adults are struggling with paying bills, staying on top of changing school schedules, and getting groceries the

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Avoiding Holiday Stress during Thanksgiving

The holidays are upon us and parents know all too well that these can be stressful times, especial for children with special needs. You have the added challenge of celebrating during a pandemic and keeping your family safe while dealing with extra challenges that can be overwhelming. CCSN Mentors understand that routine disruptions, food-centric concerns,

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Using Empathy as a Successful Parenting Technique

Being the parent or guardian of a child with special needs requires you to support them in situations you may not fully understand. At CCSN, our Mentors want both the child and family to be successful and understand that empathy plays a huge part in this success. What is empathy? Being empathetic means that you

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