About CCSN

About CCSN

Caring Connections for Special Needs (CCSN) was started in 2007 by a family in search of services and care for their own child. Living in a rural community in Arizona can create challenges to accessing behavioral health services for children with special needs. Having the right support system in place makes a difference in everyone’s life. As a family run organization, we understand the daily challenges children and their families face and we are here to help. CCSN is a specialty provider with locations in 5 communities throughout Arizona. CCSN consistently provides quality services that your child needs in our offices, in the community or in the home. Our Mentors work with parents/guardians through our Family Support Services to reinforce skills and techniques learned at CCSN.

We provide care and services to children to help them advance, but we also support the family in their journey to positively impact their community as they grow. What sets us apart is that we live and breathe our six Core Values as an organization. Our team knows that this set of principles are fully integrated into the fabric of our culture as an organization. Our core focus is to improve the lives of children and families by providing quality behavioral health services. Our uniqueness is also in our adaptability to both child and family needs. CCSN was founded by a family who set out to find information and help for their own daughter, Kaylee.

Meet Kaylee

Kaylee was born with special needs which took two years to be diagnosed. It was in the first few years of her life that her parents struggled to find help for their baby. Once she received a diagnosis, her mother, Tracey, spent long hours learning and navigating the health system to begin to understand her daughter’s needs and how to find her support. When she was able to find services for Kaylee, her hopes were quickly dashed as she was told those services were not provided in her area. 

This only motivated Tracey not only to get those services established for her daughter but to help other families who were going through the same thing with their child(ren). With the help of her sister, Dawn, they set out to help children and families in need.

Over the years, CCSN has grown from our original Benson Respite house to now offering services in five locations throughout Arizona: Sierra Vista, Safford, Douglas, Benson, and Tucson. One family’s determination created a unique place where children and families can receive the behavioral health services to benefit their whole family. Starting with these sisters, all our staff understand the everyday challenges children and families face. “Kaylee is the reason we do what we do,” is a phrase heard throughout the organization. Kaylee inspired her family to establish Caring Connections for Special Needs. Our compassionate staff can continue to help other families find the resources they need to support their child(ren). In fact, you will see Kaylee’s photo hanging in all our locations as a reminder that Kids Come First. It was this child that started an organization that strives to provide fun, educational, and beneficial behavioral health services for children.