During and After School Programs Offer Solutions to Online Learning

It’s so hard being a parent in a pandemic. Add to your daily hustle and bustle of life, distance learning, working from home, the added stresses of multiple children in your home all day long, it might get a little frustrating after a while. If you have a child or children with special needs that is struggling with online school or is in need of extra support, CCSN can help. We aid with virtual learning across all our facilities. We offer access to Wi-Fi, homework help, and a meal and snack. Mentors can work with your child to keep them focused on their daily assignments, provide a fun activity for them to take a break during their day and work on behavioral skills as well.

CCSN has created designated areas where your child(ren) can bring their laptop and schoolwork to our locations and focus on their course work. Mentors can support working parents by providing a safe place for the days your child has distance learning days or for any day that you might need. We provide families with solutions that allow for continued learning as well as help with communication challenges. We understand that sitting in front of a computer for hours can be challenging for our kids and we want to help.

At our facility, your child can also enjoy the opportunity for some safe socialization and practice social and emotional behaviors with our Mentors and others in our service. All our facilities work in small groups where COVID-19 safety protocols and 6 feet of social distance are maintained. We work with kids on handwashing, sanitizing and wearing masks as well as taking mask breaks. We create a safe learning environment where your child can stay on track of their schoolwork, be supervised, and have a place to socialize.

Our Mentors work with your child on positive behavior replacements, skill building, recognizing emotions and learning how to express them during their time in our program. We also offer an early learning program, The Littles, to help kids who may be facing expulsion due to challenges in a preschool or kindergarten environment. We have a 6-week program that is designed specifically for these little learners to not only teach them the routine of a traditional classroom but also work through behavior issues that they are demonstrating. CCSN can help keep your child in school and work to become successful in the classroom—no matter where it is.