Core Values

CCSN Core Values

CCSN is an organization that lives by, models, and makes decisions based on its Core Values. Our staff, from the Leadership to the Mentors, are all driven by this set of vital and timeless guiding principles. These Core Values define our culture and are woven into everything we do as an organization—to how we make decisions for staffing, our growth, and our strategic planning.

We have a common vision for our organization and reevaluate our direction every 90 days to ensure everyone on our team is aligned and our approach is best for the organization.

These Core Values define our organization and set us apart from other companies because this is our identity and we live them every day. We understand that the way we achieve our purpose to improve the lives of children and families is by having a great team in place, with the right person in the right seat

CCSN looks for individuals who live by our Core Values and understand that this is the basis for what steers every decision and direction.

“I appreciate all the time you put into contacting everybody! Yes, our family is healthy and well.”

CCSN Core Focus

Improve the lives of children and families.

CCSN Core Values

CCSN is built on the following core values:

Everything we do is governed by how it will ultimately help the children and families that we serve.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the services we provide and look for people who are flexible and want to learn and adapt.

Our staff have a drive to do the job at hand and to help as many kids and families as possible.

The work we do requires all in the agency to act with integrity on everything that they do.

We offer the kids and families that we serve compassionate support, understanding that they are navigating tough challenges every day.

We are optimistic that everyone can learn and get better every single day.