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**CCSN has become aware of an employment scam that involves someone recruiting remote workers and hiring them using our company’s name and website. At this time, CCSN does not hire remote workers. If you have been contacted for a remote position such as Data Entry, Customer Services, etc., we advise you to contact your local authorities immediately.**

Family Support Services

Family Support Services

Keeping in line with our core value-Kids Come First, we provide Family Support Services to the families of those children. These services involve a face-to-face interaction with family members to enhance their ability to effectively interact and care for the child(ren) in the home and community.

CCSN understands the challenges families and children with special needs face everyday. Our Mentors use lived experience to help families advocate for their needs. They provide parents and family members with support ranging from:

  • Learning and adjusting to the child’s diagnosis
  • Developing skills to effectively interact with their child
  • Understanding the causes and treatment of behavioral health issues
  • Teaching new parenting techniques
  • Supporting families on how to effectively navigate the health care system and community resources around them

Download the CCSN FSS flyer. 

To schedule your assessment or enroll your AHCCCS eligible child today, call us at 520-639-9006.