Group Respite

School Success in the Time of COVID-19

While it might seem difficult or even at times overwhelming, we know as a parent/guardian you are working through the decision to send your child(ren) with special needs back to school during a pandemic. CCSN understands that you want to ensure your child’s educational experience is a perfect fit. Our Mentors offer help with school options for your child’s unique needs through our Family Support Services. We can help you go through the pros and cons about the upcoming school year and what options you have for creating the right learning environment for your child. Our Mentors are excited about the opportunities to help your child succeed. We can talk through the goals and expectations you have for your child and what steps we can take to make you and your child(ren) feel comfortable and confident about their learning program.

Kids Come First is a Core Value we instill in all our services in our ongoing effort to improve the lives of children and families. CCSN can help you navigate to find the best solution that will help your child build skills during the day, through our after-school program onsite at all of our 6 locations in Arizona. Our After School Program provides our Members with free Wi-Fi access in a quiet setting where they can focus on homework while our staff supervises and can even help with homework where needed. Our Mentors may also be able to help in the classroom during the daytime or at home during school hours.

“Our Mentors know that remote learning has been challenging for some of our kiddos and we want to help make sure their needs are being met, that they are engaged in the online learning process and make it an overall positive experience for them,” Chief Operating Officer Shannon Casey stated.

Children with behavioral health issues ranging from ADHD to Impulse Control Issues can utilize our services to improve and adapt to the new classroom setting/routine. We can work with your current PCP or Health Home to continue an outlined treatment plan and we also have specialized staff who can assess your child(ren) and develop a treatment plan tailored for their needs. We will work with you to set up individual goals and expectations as we schedule services around your schedule. Mentors can provide individual support or group support for children under the age of 18.

CCSN understands this can be a difficult time for your child and family but we can support you or assist in creating back up plans as schools start to open with in person learning or through distance learning. As you are making your decisions for your child’s educational programming, we want you to know that we can help. CCSN wants to help you understand and to know all the options you have available to you and your child(ren). We want to work with you to make sure your child succeeds and improves throughout the school year.