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**CCSN has become aware of an employment scam that involves someone recruiting remote workers and hiring them using our company’s name and website. At this time, CCSN does not hire remote workers. If you have been contacted for a remote position such as Data Entry, Customer Services, etc., we advise you to contact your local authorities immediately.**

Caring Mentors

At CCSN, our staff work with children and their families to improve their lives on a daily basis. Mentors work through group or individual respite to teach kids new skills and techniques to create healthy, positive behaviors. As part of the CCSN Difference, we use Evidence Based Programs (EBPs) to help educate and enhance a child’s communication, coping skills, and conduct. Every 90 days we measure your child’s outcomes to ensure progress. We use these developmental screenings to measure social and emotional functioning and determine updates or adaptations to the treatment plan.

Mentors provide structured respite, a structured plan where kids can practice and learn skills they can use at home and in the classroom. Through a variety of activities such as arts and craft or playing with board games, kids learn and practice skills like socialization and listening. Art projects allow kids to express themselves and be creative. Creating paper airplanes allows practice in listening and following instruction. Even a simple game of tic-tac-to teaches kids the importance of taking turns and winning or losing gracefully.

Our Mentors not only help your child, but they also help the whole families. We have programs such as our Family Support Services where we focus on helping families move forward together. We always look to say yes and provide support or assistance and work to meet your family where you are. We understand there is a range of behavioral health challenges kids and families face and we want to help. Mentors work with parents/guardians to learn how to work with their child and manage behaviors, learn parenting techniques and strategies and to better understand a diagnosis. As part of our Core Values, our team works with integrity and provides compassionate care to all our members throughout their time with CCSN.

“I love working with kids and being able to help them,” says one staff member. Having a child who is having difficulty controlling their behavior learn calming techniques or become more self-aware is rewarding. Often, we have parents with multiple kids come in and need help for not only their child but help for improving how the entire family interacts. Our respite also gives the parent/guardian a chance to rest, run errands or focus on another child. Our structured curriculum allows kids to have fun and learn new behaviors.

Our team is made up of people who are committed to supporting your family. We have Mentors who have lived experience and are passionate about providing services to children. CCSN offers competitive salaries and a robust benefits package to take care of those who are taking care of our members. We can offer employees opportunities to learn and grow their skills. The best part of our team is that everyone is dedicated to our Core Focus-Improving the lives of children and families. If you enjoy supporting families on their behavioral health journey, take a look at our Employment page and learn how you can join our team!